Cars That Are Able to Read Our Emotions Would Save Many Lives

angry road rage faceWe all know that New York roadways are always crowded and road rage is a big problem in this big city. That’s why it is a great idea that some automakers are developing “facial recognition technology.” This new technology will allow cars to read the emotions of drivers as well as read how alert the drivers are.

A team of engineering students at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, have been working on new technology to detect road rage and ways to calm drivers down. Music is confirmed to be extremely beneficial in calming people down and composing them when driving.

To use the technology, every single driver would first need to train the camera by demonstrating their normal face and their angry face. The new technology would detect the driver’s heart rate, how tight the driver’s grip on the steering wheel is, and the driver’s facial expression. “If the heart rate and grip values are above the normal threshold, we trigger the camera and check if the person is actually angry,” explains Dipshikha Goyal, the project manager of the engineering team.

When road rage is detected, the car will automatically select a song from the driver’s smartphone playlist by using a certain mood music app. Those who’d rather not have soothing music come on can choose alternate calming methods such as having the air conditioning turned on or having the windows rolled down to cool them down.

Some car companies are already gaining control over the behavior of people behind the wheel. Volkswagen and Ford have new technology that detects drowsiness and monitors the driver’s ability to stay in a lane. Volvo is next for enhancing its existing drowsiness detection system with sensors that help keep track of drivers’ facial expressions and eye movement.

The new facial recognition technology would prevent many car accidents and save countless lives. The sooner the new technology is put into action the safer our roads will be.